FootMate System - Blue

FootMate System
Gordon Brush
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FM BLUE The FootMate Systems contoured bristles create a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power for your feet including the often neglected and hard to reach areas between the toes. A little Rejuvenating Gel and a gentle back-and-forth scrubbing motion are all that's required to massage, condition, and clean your feet from a convenient standing position. The FootMates softer inner bristles gently massage your tender soles, while the stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin- the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet. The FootMate System is specifically designed as a complete foot-care system. Not only does FootMate leave your feet thoroughly clean and conditioned (including the other neglected areas between the toes), but it also produces a feeling of all-over well-being. The FootMate System is always there for that one time of the day you have for yourself. Simply apply Rejuvenating GelTM, drop it to the floor on it's suction cup backing, gently rub each foot back-and-forth over the bristles, and then retrieve the FootMate with its rope. Without bending, stooping or contorting, the FootMate? System is the easy way to great feeling feet. The FootMate may be used virtually anywhere including: the shower, your living room while watching television, outside while enjoying a cup of coffee on your patio. FootMate System is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower. FootMate's wide, gentle inner brush massages your tender soles, while stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate circulation. The contoured bristles create a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power for both the bottom and sides of your feet. With circulation simulated, your feet will feel great. It's the ultimate foot massage - and the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet. Rejuvenating Gel is a natural antiseptic, cleanser, and conditioner all in one - specially formulated for feet. It can also be substituted as an all-over body wash. The FootMate's Rejuvenating Gel will leave your feet soft and thoroughly cleansed. New Fragrance & Dye free! The gel features Tea Tree Oil - Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifoli) is a natural anti-fungal, antiseptic, germicidal and anti-bacterial. It is an ideal ingredient for daily foot care. Benefits include: Decreasing occurrences of foot odor. - Retarding susceptibility to athletes foot. - Disinfecting any minor cuts / abrasions. - Aids in good toenail health. - Aloe - The aloe plants documented ability to aid in the healing and repair of skin makes it an integral part of the gel. - Conditioning - Our conditioners will leave your feet feeling soft & supple. - Gentle Cleansers - Never harsh, our cleaners were made to thoroughly clean, but not at the extreme of being tough on skin. Endorsed by the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine. Product includes FootMate Brush, 7.5ML Rejuvenating Gel, Retrieval Rope, and Instruction Sheet. Packed in a Tri-Lingual retail carton. Priced Each. Our Part Number FM BLUE
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